Multiple choice questions for your Kanji reviews - Week 52 / 2017

Kanji Book supports multiple choice questions for all learned kanji and vocabularies starting today.

I am excited to announce that Kanji Book can now use multiple choice questions to test your Japanese skills. This is really great because of several factors:

  • Before, Kanji Book could only test your knowledge on a translation or a reading that you have learned.
  • It wasn’t possible to test your capability to select a correct kanji for a given meaning.
  • It wasn’t possible to test whether you could associate a given on’yomi or kun’yomi reading with a kanji.
  • Kanji Book couldn’t check whether you could produce the Japanese reading (on’yomi or kun’yomi) for an English word which is especially important if you want to talk or write in Japanese.

This is now all possible thanks to the new tests available on the review site. Granted, some of the questions are still a little bit easy if you just started out. Especially if you haven’t learned many vocabularies or kanji yet, Kanji Book is forced to use yet unknown, alternative answers for the multiple choice tests. To compensate this and to make the multiple choice questions harder, I am planning to implement a feature which allows Kanji Book to find similar looking kanji. This will inevitably force you to really think about the correct answer if the answers can only be distinguished by one or two strokes. Hence, a weak photographic memory won’t help you to remember the kanji. It will either force you to improve your eidetic memory or you have come up with better mnemonics so you can distinguish possible multiple choice answers better.

As of right now, you will be greeted with 4 possible answers, which could change in the future:

Multiple choice question for translating English to Japanese
Multiple choice question for finding the correct Kanji

The design has been both optimized for being used on mobile as on desktop such that you can do your reviews wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection.

I hope you had a wonderful 2017 and let’s make 2018 even greater by doubling down on your Japanese language skills!