Me above Tokyo


Thanks for checking out Kanji Book. My name is Martin and I run Kanji Book including this blog. I am Austrian and speak 2 languages fluently — English and German (native tongue). In school I also learned Latin, French and some Italian. After finishing school, I set out to get a degree in Computer Science and in 2015 I successfully obtained my BS.

As you may have noticed, I know a fair amount of languages excluding the ones I learned during my studies. If I included them, I could list another 10. I noticed by learning one language after another, it gets kinda easier with time. I wanted a new challenge. So I decided to learn Japanese, actually a quite ambitious goal if you ask me.

I looked at various tools like Anki, Memrise or WaniKani. Unfortunately they aren’t a good fit for me. For instance, WaniKani’s menmonics are quite good but if you are a non-native English speaker, you have a hard time understanding the underlying jokes and intrigues which are inherently the reason why you remember a kanji in the first place. Additionally there a cultural barrieres too. If you wanted to make a reference to a sitcom in the 90s, young adults would not understand the reference and they would have to force the mnemonic on themselves - a very unpleasant experience.

Therefore I set out to create Kanji Book. A tool which allows Japanese language students from all backgrounds come together and create the best mnemonics. The gist is, mnemonics can be interactive and can be shared between its users. Moverover, there is a heavy emphasis on making the experience as pleasant as possible on mobile.

To be honest, I am not a certified Japanese teacher in any ways. But I would like to share my journey to learn Japanese as it may help someone else on their journey. In this blog I will write about interesting topics in regards to the Japanese language and culture.

よろしく 😉

Email: blog@kanji-book.com