How to enable the Japanese keyboard on Windows, Ubuntu, Mac and more

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Windows 10

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 LTS (Ubuntu Gnome 17.04)

OS X Sierra

Windows 10

Step 1

Windows 10 Step 1

First you have to open your Settings.

Step 2

Windows 10 Step 2

Open the Text & language menu.

Step 3

Windows 10 Step 3

Click on the Region & language category.

Step 4

Windows 10 Step 4

Now select Add a language by pressing on the + sign.

Step 5

Windows 10 Step 5

Then, a view opens with all the supported languages. Here you have to scroll to the right and select 日本語 Japanese entry.

Step 6

Windows 10 Step 6

Windows will notify that it'll install the necessary packages. You'll know when it's finished when it says Language pack available on the second line.

Step 7

Windows 10 Step 7

Now you can select the Japanese keyboard in the task bar in the bottom right corner. Click on your current language (here ENG) and select Japanese Microsoft IME.

Step 8

Windows 10 Step 8

There should appear an A character next to language selection menu.

Step 9

Windows 10 Step 9

Click it exactly once and it should switch the hiragana character .

Step 10