Progress update - Week 50 2017

This week I added the first vocabulary sets called "JLPT N5" (with lots of elements) and "Simple set" (with 4 elements). You can find them under Goals > Vocabulary Sets > Predefined sets. If you enable a set, its items will automatically queue up for you to learn on the "Learn" site. You can disable them anytime as well and the items will disappear from the learn queue.

The learn site is still a little mess, but it works if you know how :D. The general work flow is:

  1. Create a mnemonic for some of the translations.
  2. Select words from the mnemonic and associate them with single strokes from the kanji by clicking on the lines.
  3. Create a mnemonic for some of the readings.
  4. Click remember to tell the system that you have internalized both mnemonics.

Instead of the various create parts above, you can select one of the existing random mnemonics listed below the text editor. If you press "View", it will be selected for you. You can undo it by pressing back. Pressing next on a translation mnemonic will take you to the editor for creating a mnemonic for the readings. Here, you can select an existing reading too, if you want to.

The "Review" site is still in alpha (not working so to say). I don't yet check whether enough time has passed for you to take a review or not. Also I'll delete any reviews periodically because the data wouldn't be correct.

The data entered on the learn site could potentially be deleted anytime as well. So don't write any long essays just yet :-).